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 Calling for Help - Consulting, Coaching, Spiritual Transformation, Trance, and Inquiry.    

Hand of Spirit offers the finest in high quality life transformation coaching and one-on-one consulting in the Napa area. With more than 15 years of experience, our coaches give you the positive, encouraging, insightful, and compassionate consulting you deserve to change your life for the better. Hand of Spirit is also accepting and non-judgmental, because we understand that at some point, everyone has a hard time dealing with troubling life situations. We understand during times like these, you need help and that is why our coaches use methods such as trance work and inquiry processes to transform your negative experiences into a stronger spiritual relationship with yourself.

Our Consulting Services Include:

  • Consulting
    • Work in 60-Mile Radius
    • Very Flexible
    • Works with Your Needs
    • Work with Anybody
    • At Home or Our Office
  • One-on-One Improvement
    • Life & Spiritual
    • Personal 
  • Work with Many Situations
    • Grief & Overwhelmed
    • Alcohol & Drug Abuse
    • Trauma & Fears
    • Family
  • Life Transformation Coaching
    • Deepens Bond with Spirits
    • Very Positive Outlook
    • Releasing the Negative
  • Techniques
    • Belief Transformation
      • Simple Process
      • Replace Negative with Positive
    • Byron Katie's Inquiry Process
    • Shamanic Journeying
    • Soul Retrieval
    • Trance Work

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Sad Man - Consulting, Coaching, Spiritual Transformation, Trance, and Inquiry.

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Whether you are looking for a more positive outlook on life or are in need of some spiritual healing, Hand of Spirit is just the place for you.
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